By: Will King

Find Me A Gift Ned

Assembled on the lawn for the Find Me a Gift Christmas photo, the staff held onto their various pets and admired each other’s vibrant Christmas jumpers and decorations. It was a cold winter’s day but the mood in the family-run gift company was warm and festive. It wasn’t until afterwards, when looking at the photos, that one staff member noticed something a bit odd.

Catching sight of a particular face in the crowd, she felt a bolt of surprise zip through her. ‘Is that..?’ she thought to herself, zooming in on one corner of the photo in disbelief. It couldn’t be, surely – and yet it looked so very like him. She scrutinised the photo for several minutes, and couldn’t shake the feeling of shocked recognition.

She put it to the back of her mind, but for several days, every time she caught sight of this particular warehouse worker, the similarity she had spotted in the photo seemed undeniably clear. Of course, in his yellow high vis jacket rather than a red outfit, it was easy to see how he’d remained incognito for so long, but now that she had (she thought) uncovered his identity, it was impossible to ignore. Taking only her iPhone to film events as they unfolded, she kitted up in safety gear of her own and went down to the warehouse to investigate. This video is a true record of what she discovered there.