By: Will King


Today is World Nutella Day! Now, I have a confession, I didn’t discover I liked the chocolate hazelnut spread until only recently, suffice to say I’m on my second jar already! Nutella ticks all the rights’s chocolatey, it can be eaten with a variety of things or eaten straight from the jar, oh and did I mention it’s very chocolatey and hazel-nutty and very, very moreish! So if like me, you are a fan of the jar of chocolate-hazelnut-goodness then read on…..

Fun Nutella Facts:

      You could circle the world 1.4 times with the amount of NUTELLA produced in a single year
      Nutella is suitable for vegetarians

It’s available in 5 jars – 180g, 200g, 400g, 750g and the…

……Limited Edition 1KG


There’s also Nutella to Go (48g with mini breadsticks) or my version….

….the Nutella Grande to Go!


WARNING: The following images will have you salivating (like you’re not already dreaming of that pot in your cupboard though already eh?!)

  • Baked Nutella Doughnuts with Nutella Glaze


  •  Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies


  •  Nutella Granola


  • Or simply with a Spoon!


In a nutshell we LOVE nutella – do you?